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PME Single column eccentric presses

Single column eccentric presses

Up to 4,000 kN press force

  • Press body in undivided welded steel construction, annealed without stress
  • Drive via countershaft from PE 100
  • Pneumatically or hydraulically operated clutch-brake combination
  • Ram in precise 6-lane sliding guide or with roller recirculation guide
  • Pneumatic ram balancing from PE 63
  • Stroke adjustment fully automatically adjustable and electronically monitored
  • Hydraulic overload protection
  • Motorized ram adjustment
  • Press safety control with modern SIMATIC TOUCH PANEL
  • Press safety valve HERION
  • Safety cam control
  • Central oil lubrication as automatic circulating lubrication
PME single column eccentric press
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technical drawing PME eccentric press
eccentric press
PE-160-CSMA_2 eccentric press
PME’s eccentric presses are characterized by their high degree of adaptability to the customer. All wishes for equipment and functions are taken care of in a personal conversation. Whether manual or automatic operation, our eccentric presses fulfill every purpose. The very stiff, stress-relieved welded steel construction guarantees high bending and torsional strength. Generous openings simplify the installation of conveyor belts and slides. Attachment areas for belt feeds are always available. The shaft of the eccentric press is guided twice in high-quality plain bearings and consists of tempered chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel. Stroke and ram adjustment are fully automatic and ensure that the press can be adjusted in the shortest possible time. The control of the eccentric press meets the latest safety standards and is adapted to the needs of our customers.