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PME Hydraulic presses

Hydraulic presses

Single-column and double-column construction up to 4.000 kN

  • Press body in undivided welded steel construction, annealed without stress
  • Hydraulic drive takes place via a power-controlled axial piston pump
  • High movement speed is achieved thanks to a special cylinder design
  • Stroke length and speed of the ram and cushion can be adjusted digitally over the entire range and controlled via linear absolute sensors
  • Precise ram guidance
  • Cushion with pressure control for optimal material flow
  • Electrical system with: PLC SIEMENS F – CPU as press safety control, modern SIMATIC TOUCH PANEL- with tool data management, press force envelope monitoring, tool monitoring and electron. cam switch mechanism
PME Hydraulic presses 02
PME Hydraulic presses
technical scetch Hydraulic presses
HP2000 PME
PHY220 Hydraulic presses PME
The hydraulic presses from PME are characterized by high adaptability to the customer. All wishes for equipment and functions are taken care of in a personal conversation. Whether manual or automatic operation, our hydraulic presses can fulfill any purpose. The hydraulic drive is via a power-controlled axial piston pump with electronic pressure and flow control. The stroke length and pressing force of the hydraulic presses can be continuously adjusted over the entire range. The high infeed speed is achieved by a special cylinder design and an anti-cavitation valve and can be continuously adjusted in all operating modes. The operation of the hydraulic presses is easy to understand and individually adaptable to the customer.